Official Game and Forum rules

The following rules apply for the whole game: forum, PM and user profiles included.
Moderators and administrators are working to maintain the rules and have the rights to change and add new rules at any point.

Breaking the rules may lead to a warning, forum ban or possibly a ban from the game.

§1 Atmosphere

We accept under no cicumstances the following: Pornographic material, copyright protected material, disturbing material. Profanity and foul language is not accepted neither in the forums, PM or user profiles.

Threats involving demands of money - game or real - is strictly forbidden and something we take especially seriously on.

Repeated violations against this rule may lead to a permanent ban.

§2 Spam and posting

Posting text that has nothing to do with the topic, and placing threads in the wrong category is not allowed.

§3 Links

Links to trojans, viruses, pornography and other graphic material is strictly prohibited. Posting ref links is also prohibited.

§4 Personal attacks

Personal attacks, or flaming is not accepted under any circumstances.

§5 Discrimination

Hostility towards members with certain ethnical backgrounds, sexual preferences, or gender specific attacks is prohibited.

§6 Violation of the law

Discussions that may lead to violation of the law, such as narcotics or distribution of copyright protected material is not allowed.

§7 User accounts

You are only allowed to register one account/person. Violating the rule may lead to removal of the accounts and in some cases bans. The e-mail used for registration must be of personal and exclusive control by the person registering the account.
The owner of the account is fully and solely responsible for all actions taken through the account. No compensation will be given for damages caused by other players that know the account password.

§8 Sitting accounts and PC sharing

Sitting other players accounts is only allowed by using the Sitter feature (Read more). Sharing your password with other players is not allowed.
However, it is ok to share an account with another person to play an account together as long as the persons don't have accounts of their own.

If you regulary share computer with another player - family or friend - or if you play regulary from a public computer such as school or work place, you have to write this on your profile and the accounts involved, or at least share this information with a moderator, or you might become suspect of cheating.

§9 Use of external tools

The game must be played with an unmodified internet browser. The use of scripts or bots which automate account actions is against the rules and will be punished.

§10 Program errors

Program errors or bugs may not be used to one's benefit. Abuse can lead to punishment of the account. Please report any errors to an administrator.


If you have any questions or would like to report a user violating the rules, contact a moderator.

Game moderators
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Forum moderators